May 1~

I don’t get sick. Ever.

I recall two days in January 2001 that I thought I might have seen Elvis when I was pretty darn sick. But since then, nothing really. Okay, besides having five babies and my regular annual gyno visit.  Every few years I get a sinus infection. I have that today.


So I call the doc office and make a quick appointment. I tell them I have a sinus infection and just need meds. They, of course, tell me I need to come in.

The doctor points out that my last visit was in April 2008 for a sinus infection. Yes indeedy that is correct. And I have one now. So just give me the meds and let me go home. I further state that I’m allergic to any “myacin” – lucky me all three families of myacins. And don’t bother with amoxycillin or augmentin. Just give me levofloxacin and let me go home (or well, to the pharmacy first).

He smiles and says, “yes, maam. And by the way, your sinus infection is pretty bad. Next time don’t wait so long.”

Twenty minutes later I’m on the mend.

When you are the CEO of a household of 7 (or 5 or 3 or even 2) you don’t have time, or perhaps take time, to notice when your body is letting you know it needs you. I’m sure you’re like me and you convince yourself that “after this next load of laundry if I still feel icky I’ll call the doctor.”

For the first day of “NOURISH” for the month of May, I encourage you to listen to your body. It tells you many things and, by design, we humans need to recognize when its time to slow down, relax, get sleep, seek medication, exercize or just smile!